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Benjamin Conboy, Assistant Editor
4:16 am CDT March 23, 2020

As the world around them stopped and people sealed themselves inside of their homes, one neighborhood in Homer Glen found a unique way to get out of the house while practicing social distancing.

On March 17, residents of the Pebble Creek neighborhood put shamrocks in their front windows and challenged local children to find as many as they can. Throughout the rest of the week, it offered a way for youths to get out of the house and burn some energy. It also gave parents a way to get a few minutes of relief and relaxation.

Kaitlyn Yoder, a resident of Pebble Creek, found out about the hunt on Facebook.

“It falls under the social distancing guidelines, because we can all do it from our houses and decorate,” Yoder said. “But we can still get out and walk around the neighborhood and ride bikes with your family and make a game of it.”

With the world slowing down, people are coming to terms with the fact that some things they have enjoyed in the past might not be there for them as the coronavirus continues to spread across the country.

“This way, we still get to kind of celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and get out of the house while doing it,” said Yoder, who was wearing a green White Sox shirt and green socks as she worked from home.

After the work day was over, Yoder and her husband took their two daughters out hunting for shamrocks.


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